Increase hotel brand and customer loyalty with AirHost POS Upsell Functions

Increase hotel brand and customer loyalty with AirHost POS Upsell Functions


Image source: AirHost ONE Contactless

It has become a norm that more and more hotels are adopting contactless solutions to support a better guest stay experience. These solutions allow guests to check in and out by themselves, make room services and restaurant reservations, as well as shop for merchandise. All these actions are able to be performed by guests without being in contact with hotel staff, if they choose to.
AirHost POS upsell, a function that provides a contactless solution to bridge the guests and hotels. POS upsell provides 3 main categories: 

  1. Reservation Feature 

  2. Customize menu 

  3. Upsell

1. Reservation Feature

This feature allows guests to make reservations in advance for restaurants, rental supplies, private hot spring baths, and airport transfer services. 
It is especially useful for the hotel’s reopening post COVID-19. By implementing this function, hotels are able to  manage the number of guests to be accommodated for each service. It also provides guests with greater autonomy to pre plan their trip and avoid wasting their time as much as possible. Additionally, it lets guests an option for a contactless service.


AirHost POS Reservation Feature: 

2. Customized Menu

Information about the hotel, local sightseeing information and event announcements can be displayed and delivered to guests in the customized main menu.

By introducing In-house content, hotels can continuously provide valuable information to the guests, and build a good relationship with them. Guests can plan their trip and make their stay more comfortable by knowing this information, and any service congestion information in advance. This will bring benefits to hotels in terms of brand and customer loyalty, and ultimately generate revenue for the hotels with the upsell. 


Image source: AirHost POS customize menu

3. Upsell

AirHost POS Upsell makes shopping fun and easier for guests than before. Room upgrades, early check-in and late check-out requests, facial and spa treatment packages, e-gift store shopping for souvenirs, and more, are now available for guests within clicks. Guests could use their smart devices to make purchases or simply use the web version, whichever is more convenient to the guests. 

Making a reservation for various optional services, shopping and ordering room services are the functions of Upsell. For example, guests can purchase souvenirs at e-gift stores, make reservations for beauty treatments and spa treatments, upgrade their rooms, and apply for early check-in and late check-out using their smartphones.

Guests can easily shop any time and purchase higher-ranked services, which increases their purchasing motivation and helps improve the per-guest rate.


Image source: AirHost POS upsell


For hotels, better guest management, advertise and promote hotels in one main menu, increase hotel revenue by upselling, and make possible with AirHost POS. For guests, hassle-free advance reservations for services, well informed with valuable information before travelling regarding their upcoming destination, and convenient options for advance purchases, all of which are made possible with AirHost POS.

It will highly increase guest’s travel experiences, and will benefit the hotels in return. In addition, since all services are provided via electronic devices, it is unnecessary to utilize a ton of paper as in the traditional method, which leads to eco-friendliness.

It is also effective against infection with COVID-19, and guests can stay safe. Hotel contactless solutions could help cordoned off COVID-19, and provide a safer stay for guests. Since the solutions promote the unnecessary use of paper, hotels are indirectly helping the environment, this makes it an Eco-friendly Hotel software solution.