7 AirHost ONE Check-in Functions Hotels Need To Have

7 AirHost ONE Check-in Functions Hotels Need To Have

Thanks to technological advancement, contactless check-in functions for hotels have been innovated nowadays. These functions have given strong impressions to hotels and their guests and positively affect some operations for check-in.

Recently, AirHost held an online webinar for product soft launch on December 14th. Here is the recap of the webinar where we discussed AirHost ONE check-in functions. AirHost supplies hotel contactless solutions with advanced features and has received a high hotel evaluation. Therefore, hotel employees and their customers will take advantage of their work and stay as follows.


Contactless check-in. Forbes India.


Using mobile check-in solutions in hotels has been more common recently. Guests could pre check-in before arriving at the hotel. Guests can check-in/out using it independently without the hotel staff’s presence.

By implementing this system, hotels can save expenses and reduce the burden on their staff. One of AirHost’s customers, Namba Ebisu Hotel in Osaka, Japan, revealed that AirHost self-check-in solution could cut down the number of staff from 4 to 1.


Namba Ebisu Hotel: AirHost Customer Success Stories

Instead of processing check-in in hotels at the counter, guests can complete their check-in by themselves.

1. Automated message

Once guests book their reservation, they receive an automatic message. This automated message will require guests to fill out their information. Furthermore, guests will need to scan their ID or related documents to finish the pre-check-in process. Collecting information from guests is crucial during this process, since hotels can optimize guest experiences and gain thorough insights into guests’ preferences.


AirHost Auto message notifications. AirHost.

2. Pre-travel promotions with POS upsell

If guests happen to plan a celebration during their stay (for instance, an anniversary surprise) or sometimes want to upgrade their rooms, AirHost also offers these options. Guests could also request room service before or during their stay.


AirHost displays services for guests.

3. Reservation Schedule

AirHost also provides guests options to choose from various services. For example, guests could order the hotel for an airport pick-up or make reservations for hotel facilities such as a spa or gym before arriving at the hotel.

4. E-concierge

Displaying the decoration and the accommodation facilities is crucial in helping guests determine their rooms according to their preferences. If guests want to go on an online tour of the rooms, AirHost also offers guests the option to reserve a tour through the hotel with E-concierge.

5. Hotel merchandise

Selling hotel merchandise can enable businesses to create an identity for their product, according to Business Blogs. In addition, hotel merchandise makes the guests feel more connected to the hotels and establish a long-term relationship with the brand. Therefore, AirHost offers an excellent opportunity for hotels to display their merchandise to improve the guest experience.

Oracle reveals that 71% of hotel guests tend to choose a hotel that has self-check-in/out services for their stay. Therefore, our AirHost Contactless solution will solve manual procedures with the following functions.

6. QR confirmation code + Tablets

For the check-in process, guests will receive a confirmation email with a QR code and a confirmation code. During check-in, guests could download OneStay App or use hotel tablets to check-in at the hotel. Then, guests scan the QR code with the hotel tablets to complete self-check-in in less than 90 seconds.

7. AI check in

AI integration in the hospitality industry has been notable in this technological era. Hospitality Net revealed that there are remarkable AI opportunities for this industry, regarding its business model diversity, data complexity, and physical geography. Given the rise of AI, now, AirHost has developed AI facial recognition.


AirHost check in. Visit AirHost ONE for more.
Besides scanning the QR code during the check-in, hotels will require facial recognition from the guests. Then, guests will verify themselves with in-person verification and settle the bill for their stay. Finally, the staff will hand over the room keys or additional information, and the check-in procedure is completed.


AirHost ONE Contactless


In summary, AirHost ONE could ease the mind for both guests and hotels. For guests, the pre check-in process serves as a checklist prior to travelling and provides better planning for their trip during their stay at the hotel. Guests could also gain an overview on the products and services from the hotels at their fingertips. Regarding hotel management, gathering guests information could become more organized for hotels. Lastly, hotels could establish guest relationships with the hotel.