How to manage multiple properties with AirHost

How to manage multiple properties with AirHost


Managing multiple properties can be quite a complex task. Source: Manifestly.

As the business thrives, hotels expand and continue to grow their properties instate or outstate. Either way, it is a challenging task to manage multiple properties, especially small hotels with limited resources. 

Managing the distribution of resources, handling complaints, and ensuring smooth operations are some of the issues that hotels face when they have multiple properties. A Property Management System (PMS) software can not only manage routine operations but also increase a hotel’s revenue with the available resources.

AirHost HMS will allow hotels to manage multiple properties efficiently and build a trustworthy brand.

AirHost HMS

AirHost HMS provides manageable and easily accessed tasks on a single dashboard. It is a single platform that provides the tools and flexibility to manage all business operations. Hotels can choose to either run the operations fully unmanned or partially automated based on their choice. The dashboard displays the following features.

  • Centralized reservation management –  A single place to manage reservations of multiple properties to ensure smoothness in operations. Hotels have to manage multiple things like bookings, room availability, cleaning calendar, and many more. It is easy to access all the functions from a single place rather than having a different application for each function.

  • One booking engine – A web engine to manage the bookings of multiple properties at a single location. All the bookings for multiple properties can be accessed under a single account. This not only provides ease of accessibility but also boosts staff productivity.

  • Tasks provision – Assigning hotel staff across different properties with specific functions or privileges to avoid confusion at the last minute. Prior task assignment improves staff productivity.

  • Currency settlement – Supports different currencies based on the location. This makes the transactions a lot easier avoiding the hassle for customers to exchange it somewhere else. This function makes the operation more compatible.


A PMS Dashboard. Source: AirHost

AirHost not only increases operational efficiency but also enhances the customer experience.

  • AirHost provides check-in options both via tablet and desktop. During peak hours, customers can also choose to self-check-in via their mobile phones thus reducing waiting time and enhancing the travel experience for the guests.

  • AirHost provides numerous options like room service, membership perks, dining reservations, transportation to make the customer experience more enjoyable and engaging as possible.

  • AirHost offers localized support for onboarding to cut down on setup difficulties.

Customer success story

The Grand Residence Hotel Tenjin owned 2 properties with around 71 rooms in Fukuoka and Sapporo city. This hotel aimed to serve its customers with modern technology with traditional hospitality. 


The front desk at The Grand Residence Hotel Tenjin / SHI. Source: AirHost

The front desk at The Grand Residence Hotel Tenjin / SHI. Source: AirHost
With the help of AirHost HMS, the grand residence can manage all its facilities across a board which helps streamline operations at the front desk. Manual tasks such as messaging guests, cleaning schedules, and managing reservations can be overtaken by automated messaging, digital cleaning calendars, and the booking engine in AirHost PMS.


It is a win-win situation for hotels with multiple properties to use a management system that reduces the need for manual tasks. And finally, it also optimizes the use of resources and increases revenue.

Written by: AirHost Marketing Team.