What Are The 3 Excellent Check-in Functions by AirHost that Hotels Must Have?

What are the 3 Excellent Check-in Functions by AirHost that Hotels Must Have?


Contactless check-in. Image source: Forbes India.

Thanks to the growth of technology, nowadays, contactless check-in functions for hotels have been innovated. These functions have given strong impressions to hotels and their guests and positively affect some operations for check-in. AirHost supplies contactless check-in solutions with advanced features that have received a high evaluation by hotels. With these solutions, hotel employees and their customers will take advantage of their work and stay. Today, we are going to give an overview of the check-in functions that hotels must have.

Pre-Check-in and Check-in

Utilizing contactless pre-check-in and check-in/out in hotels has been more common recently, especially in the pandemic. Face-to-face contact has been avoided, and guests can check-in/out using it without meeting reception staff. According to Oracle, 71% of hotel guests tend to choose a hotel that has self-check-in/out services for their stay.

Therefore, some manual procedures will be eliminated by AirHost Contactless Hotel Solution. Instead of processing check-in in hotels, guests are allowed to complete their pre-check-in themselves.

Once guests book their reservation, they receive an automatic message. This automated message will require guests to fill out their information. Furthermore, guests will need to scan their ID or related documents to finish the pre-check-in process.

Check-in Process

For the check-in process, guests will receive a confirmation email with a QR code and a confirmation code.
At the hotel, during check-in, guests could use their downloaded OneStay App or hotel tablets to check-in. Simply scan the QR code with the hotel tablets or, using the PDA, complete self-check-in in less than 90 seconds.


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By implementing this system, hotels can save expenses and reduce the burden on their staff. They do not have to have night shifts. In fact, one of AirHost’s customers, Namba Ebisu Hotel in Osaka, Japan, revealed that with AirHost self-check-in solution, the number of staff’s requirements was cut down from 4 to 1.


Namba Ebisu Hotel: AirHost Customer Success Stories

IoT Smart Lock

IoT Smart Lock allows guests to open and close the door with their smartphones or PINs without using a physical key, making the handover of keys to guests completely remote.
Installing smart locks can eliminate the traditional key and pick it up at the reception desk, which leads to cost-saving in the long run. In addition, guests can use smartphones as IC cards, allowing them to move freely between elevators, gyms, and other hotel facilities.
AirHost is integrated with 8 reliable IoT Smart Lock Partners.


Source Image: AirHost IOT Smart Lock Partners
IoT smart lock works with AirHost HMS/ONE to automatically issue a PIN code according to the reservation information. In the unlikely event that a reservation is changed or cancelled, the system will automatically perform the PIN code change or cancellation. Every time a guest checks-in to a hotel, a unique PIN is set, and the PIN is reset upon check-out, providing a full range of security. Hotels can also easily manage all smart lock accounts on one dashboard.


ASSA ABLOY Latest Contactless Digital Key at Hilton Hotel: ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions

Payment Processing

Automatic payments might have some security concerns, such as credit card information leakage. AirHost’s payment solutions meet security standards for handling credit card information PCI DSS Compliance. With this payment solution, hotels can manage their guests’ payment status and history on the management screen, and perform automatic or manual payment, cancellation and refund operations. Also, it is possible to create multiple payment accounts that can be used for different types of bookings, such as those from OTAs, their own website or booking engines.

When guests make a reservation through an OTA or booking engine, the hotels will monitor their credit card information. Hotels would receive an error notification if guests used an invalid card.
No-shows have a significant negative impact on revenue management, human resources and system resources for the hotel industry. Not only does it affect the day-to-day management of the business, but it also causes revenue loss.


Automatic payment function. Image source: Forbes.